Light Bulbs and Worship

Do you know how many lightbulbs there are in your house?  I didn’t know how many were in my house until I counted them this week.  I counted 85, that’s more than I thought I would have and I probably missed a few.  (If anyone in my house reads this, they will probably go through… Continue reading Light Bulbs and Worship

Love Your Neighbor

(This post is an edited version of a message I preached while filling in for our pastor at our English speaking church here in Guatemala.  It’s kind of long.) To provide some background, it was the fourth message in a series about love.  The first in the series was “I love my enemies”, the second… Continue reading Love Your Neighbor


There were multiple reasons why we decided to uproot our family and move to Guatemala.  “Uproot” may seem like kind of a harsh word, I mean picture grabbing a plant by the stem and pulling it up out of the ground.  We all know that those roots that come out of the ground are where… Continue reading WHY?

The beauty around us

The beauty around us The ugliness when we look up close. Living here in Guatemala, we often post pictures of the beauty around us. We live in a valley surrounded by volcano’s. Our temperature is almost always 70-75 degrees. We live an hour from the Pacific ocean with it’s palm trees, black sand, and blue… Continue reading The beauty around us


So, I was at our Bible study the other night… and I was looking around while we were singing some songs. There were about 35 people there and I had one of “those” moments. We were singing “Cuan Grande es Dios” (How Great is Our God) and I was amazed at the group that God… Continue reading Untitled

My first trip

  Do you remember your first long trip, alone?  It doesn’t matter whether it was on an airplane or in a car, or even a bicycle for that matter.  I remember mine, it was in my car.  It was my second semester in college and I was now permitted to have a car on campus.… Continue reading My first trip


This is Carlos.  He comes to our Saturday night Bible studies almost every week.  He’s never on time, but if he doesn’t show up, I get worried about him.  He always has on the same clothes.  Usually his hair is messed up.  I have a hard time understanding him when he talks because he is… Continue reading Carlos